Professional Development


ISM-OC can help you reach your professional development goals in several ways:

Our monthly networking and educational dinners give you both:

  • Exchange professional knowledge with other professionals and hear the latest news on local supply chain issues and trends. ¬†Over a meal, it is easier to develop trust and get to know other professionals.
  • Hear an interesting and relevant presentation that relates to some aspect of Supply Chain Management. We never know where our careers will take us, so try to be open minded if the presentation topic does not align exactly with your current needs. One never knows what the future holds and the information may be surprisingly relevant in the near future.

We often coordinate with local professionals offering courses that support our certifications programs. What our announcement for when the next class will start.

We are also a critical components of the ISM Mastery Model. Here you can meet others with experience using ISM tools, succeeding in CPSM/CPSD Certifaction and staying on top of credits to renew and maintain the certifications you may have already achieved.