Membership Eligibility

Regular membership in ISM-OC shall be open to the following:

1.  A person who is involved in the purchasing or supply management process, including without limitation, purchasing, purchasing research, value analysis, inventory control, materials management, supply chain management, or any other activity or function which is related to the purchasing or materials process.

2.  An editor, secretary, or business manager employed by an Affiliated Association.

3.  A person with a full-time appointment as a teacher, research specialist, department head, director or dean of a college, university, or other academic institution whose academic responsibility includes purchasing management or materials management or other related fields or subjects.

4.  A regular member whose dues are currently paid on a continuous basis who retires shall continue to be eligible for membership.

5.  A person who is engaged in the business of providing consulting services primarily in the field of purchasing management and materials management on condition that such person does not solicit members of an affiliated association for consulting engagements.

In principle and in practice, the Institute of Supply Management– Orange County values and seeks a diverse membership. Individual viewpoints and contributions are pursued and respected. There are no barriers to full participation in ISM-OC on the basis of ethnic background, gender, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, or disability. For ISM-OC diversity is valuing and respecting individual strengths, viewpoints and contributions. Diversity is viewed as a positive asset in ISM-OC’s growth and success. The association will value and embrace diversity in the membership. It is the policy of  ISM-OC not to be affiliated with an association which fails to adhere to the provisions of this statement of policy.

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