Committee Positions

Administrative Support Committee

The Administrative Support Committee provides the Board of Directors with many administrative activities: keeping track of annual awards, providing and maintaining audio/video equipment, interpreting and recommending changes of our bylaws, identifying nominees for election to the Board of Directors, conducting elections, and arranging insurance coverage and similar tasks.

Educational Resources/Professional Credentials

The primary function of the Educational Resources Committee is to provide those engaged in Purchasing and Supply Management with activities and opportunities for their personal and professional growth. This is done through a diversified and well balanced program of year-round educational seminars and workshops as well as interesting and educational dinner meeting programs. (2-4 Hrs. Month)

Professional Credentials Committee

This committee is responsible for activities design to encourage and support members in the pursuit and attainment of their CPSM or C.P.M. certification. This includes providing information related to the CPSM and C.P.M. program, reporting on changes in the program and the presentation of CPSM and C.P.M. certificates at ISM-OC dinner meetings.

House Committee

This committee coordinates all of the arrangements for the regular monthly dinner meetings, including establishing the dinner menus, arranging for suitable dining and meeting rooms, and ensuring that necessary equipment is set up for each meeting.

Membership Committee

This committee provides both educational and professional products and services to customers in an effort to improve the membership experience and to reach more purchasing and supply management professionals. This committee works closely with the Website/Communications Committee to develop content useful to members and potential members. One important goal of the membership committee is to identify and communicate job career opportunities for members in transition. The intent is to maximize membership retention and to increase membership and general awareness of the educational opportunities and membership benefits available through our association (2-4 Hrs. Month).

Website/Communication Committee

The Website/Communication Committee is responsible for monitoring all the activities pertaining to the ISM-OC website., developing and executing social media strategy and overall communications strategies  The Chair shall review all materials that go on the Website for accuracy making certain that the material is current. The Chair will continue to improve the website within the framework of the budget and with Board of Directors’ approval. The Chair will make every effort, working in conjunction with all committees, to market the website links and provide a revenue stream to the Affiliate.