ISM-OC Awards

Herbert Cannon Award
Herbert Cannon was a past president of NAPM-Orange County and worked for the City of Orange. He was the first executive secretary and first editor of the Orange Empire Purchasing Manager, now our on-line Purchasing Spotlight. He was a driving force on the NAPM committee which developed the current Certified Purchasing Manager program.

This award is presented annually to a ISM-OC member in good standing who has shown constant support beyond reasonable expectations and unselfishly donated time and energy toward the betterment of the association. The candidate must have been in good standing for a minimum of five (5) years to be eligible for this award.

Year               Name
1980-1981       Darrel R. Hogan, C.P.M.
1981-1982       Ruth L. Barnard, C.P.M.
1982-1983       Arthur N. Harwood
1983-1984       Michael R. Adams
1984-1985       Nadine V. Goodell
1985-1986       John K. French
1986-1987       Kevin Beidelman
1987-1988       Mary Susan Hewitt
1988-1989       Valerie Jordan
1989-1990       DiAnna H. Cowles, C.P.M.
1990-1991       Simone Friend
1991-1992       Bobbie Ascarate, C.P.M.
1992-1993       Myriam Diaz
1993-1994       Merle Roberts, C.P.M.
1994-1995       Michael Thomas, C.P.M.
1995-1996       Timothy W. Kee, C.P.M.
1996-1997       Christine E. Bozley
1997-1998       Sara J. Arhlen, C.P.M.
1998-1999       Carol S. Sigler
1999-2000       Richard O. Arhlen
2000-2001       Jane McComb, C.P.M.
2001-2002       Stephen Bach, C.P.M.
2002-2003       Terri L. Okazaki, C.P.M.
2003-2004       Joe Polance, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2004-2005       Jo Ann Steele , C.P.M.
2005-2006       Beatrice Wiest, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2006-2007       Myriam Roberts, MBA
2007-2008       Warren “Scott” Steele, C.P.M., MSSM
2008-2009       Gloria M. Torres
2009-2010       Jo Anne Marquez
2010-2011       Markee Fritschle, CPSM, C.P.M., CPIM

2011-2012       JoAnne Mungari, C.P.M.

2012-2013       Abel Garcia

Sara J. Arhlen Award
Sara J. Arhlen was the first woman president of NAPM-Orange County and also served as executive secretary for nine years. She worked in purchasing positions for the Fontana Unified School District and for the North Orange County Community College District. She has been active in NAPM at the local, district and national levels. In 1993 she received the NAPM President’s Award for her special contributions to the purchasing profession.

This award is presented annually to a committee chair in good standing who exhibits leadership development skills in management and direction of that committee. The candidate must currently hold a chair position or have been a chair in the previous two fiscal years. The person must have been a member of ISM-OC for a minimum of three (3) years to be eligible for this award.

Year              Name
1991-1992      Deborah A. Medina, C.P.M.
1992-1993      Lorelei Alkire, C.P.M., CPIM
1993-1994      Pat D. McLaughlin, C.P.M.
1994-1995      Merle W. Roberts, C.P.M.
1995-1996      Ron Yaffee, C.P.M.
1996-1997      Carol S. Sigler, C.P.M.
1997-1998      George Nagy, C.P.M.
1998-1999      Arthur N. Harwood
1999-2000      Beatrice Wiest, C.P.M.
2000-2001      Jill Alvarez, C.P.M.
2001-2002      Alta Cardiff, C.P.M.
2002-2003      JoAnne K. Mungari, C.P.M.
2003-2004      Mark Bird
2004-2005      Laura P. DeLance, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2005-2006      Terri L. Okazaki, C.P.M.
2006-2007      Laura P. DeLance, C.P.M., A.P.P.
2007-2008      Markee Fritschle, C.P.M., CPIM
2008-2009      Armando Encalada
2009-2010      Gloria Gorgol
2010-2011      Warren “Scott”S teele,C.P.M.,MSSM

2011-2012      Colleen Lindsay

2012-2013      Nicole Cardona

Roy How Scholarship Award
This award was established in 1983 to honor Roy How, who was a past president of NAPM-Orange County and who worked for the City of Huntington Beach as its Purchasing Director. He had a keen interest in developing young people into positive contributors as purchasing professionals.

This award is presented to a student enrolled in an accredited educational institution. The student must have completed six (6) units of a Purchasing/Supply Management curriculum, and maintained a 2.5 grade point average, and declared his or her intent to complete the purchasing program.

Year      Name
1984      Susan Pech
1985      Sandee Mayhew
1986      Craig Adler, C.P.M. & Tamara Barton
1987      Lizette Garcia
1988      Ron Ross
1989      Gwendolyn Stamps
1990      Rob Balog
1991      Nancy Bright
1992      Chongchitt Phongmekin
1993      Christopher J. Jenkins
1994      Eric V. Johnson
1995      Mary Freeman, C.P.M.
2000      Barbara Dell’Anno, C.P.M.
2007      Rick Negrette
2008      Rick Negrette

Educational Resources Person of the Year
Year      Name
1983      Merle W. Roberts, C.P.M.
1984      Bobbie Ascarate, C.P.M.
1985      Tom Garrity, C.P.M.
1986      Sharon Stevens, C.P.M.
1987      Debbie Medina, C.P.M.
1988      Beth Linton, C.P.M.
1989      Clara Summerfield
1992      Myriam Diaz
1993      Milt Montz, C.P.M.
1994      Pat D. McLaughlin, C.P.M.
1995      Bob Bates
1997      Stephen E. Bach, C.P.M.
1998      Frankie Sexton, C.P.M.
2000      Sara J. Arhlen, C.P.M.
2002      Bobbie Ascarate
2003      Sara J. Arhlen, C.P.M.
2008      JoAnn Steele, C.P.M.